Hear what others have to say about working with Jill!

"I was more than ready to get off the hamster wheel that consisted of dieting, thinking about food, thinking I was fat, feeling guilty, thinking about food even more, feeling like a failure......etc. This program gave me the tools to stop the cycle. 

It requires hard work, digging deep and challenging yourself, but it's worth it in the end. It's based on evidence-based material, taught with a ton of compassion, and you'll be wondering where this information (and Jill) had been your whole life!" - Martha V

"I would recommend this program to everyone.  This program is fabulous for anyone who is just starting on the diet roll coaster / for the women who has tried everything or anyone in between.  The benefits I have gotten from this program is that I no longer have a scale in my house (I went from weighing myself 2-3 times a day to not weighing myself at all) and I realized why would I let a number on the scale determine my self worth. My thoughts are no longer consumed by food (what should I eat, when should I eat, how much, etc.)  I enjoy following women of my own size and I practice self care daily.  I also buy clothes that fit me and make me feel fabulous no matter what the size is and I no longer exercise to try and change my body I do it because it makes me feel good. I always looked forward to all my calls and emails from Jillian and didn't want the program to end, but Jillian has a beautiful way of ending the program and continues to post things on facebook, do videos, and send out emails so you don't feel that the program is over and that's it.  Thank you Jillian for all that you do to make all women feel beautiful.  XOXO" - Erin B

"What can I say about the woman who turned my life upside down and changed my perspective of my body, food, and dieting? This is not a magical cure to all your problems but it is the snag that will pull at the thread of a tapestry that has been built over years and years and years of you being told that your body doesn't fit the 'ideal', some foods are good and some are bad, about all the should and shouldn'ts. Jill will teach you how to question the standards and how to approach life with such a different perspective you can't help but feel changed after your time with her. You have invested in diet food, diet books, new clothes, pills, shakes etc. why not put your money into self-care and a chance to get a totally new perspective of life? It is so worth it." - Kate D

"I knew I could feel so much better. I just needed to know how. That is where Dr. Jillian Murphy came in. She was everything I could have hoped for and more! She has been my “go to” for years now and I trust her completely! I have learned so much from her. Intuitive eating, living a pleasure filled live and moving because it feels good have been huge “a-has” for me, so profound and freeing! THANK-YOU, thank-you, thank-you for all that you do". - Deanna B.

"I started working with Jillian in March of 2016 after realizing my years of depression rooted in my inability to love myself as I am.

I had been dieting off and on for over 10 years, and was finally ready to move on, but needed some guidance. Jillian became the person I could be accountable to until I learned to trust myself again. The process was definitely messy as she would say, but it was the discomfort I had to feel before I could learn to really listen to my body and ditch dieting for good!

I no longer have the guilt or the shame I felt after eating something I wanted. I no longer obsess about my weight. I'm just happy! Finally! I have been spreading the word, and praising Jill's program to all the women I know, because it truly saved me. I am grateful every day for the Find Food Freedom and Love your Body method!" - Steph C

"I didn’t realize how much thought and energy I had been putting into food, what to eat, what not to eat, how many things could I eat, when could I eat, when couldn’t I eat, what was good for me (as told to me by everyone else), what wasn’t (also told to me by strangers who weren’t living my life). I would often find myself “trying to be healthy”. It would last 4 days and then I would have three very horrible days, where I would eat everything I could find and finish it all, because on Monday, I was going to start over and I wouldn’t want all those cookies (or ice cream or licorice, etc) to go to waste. Next week I would figure it out. I would eat completely clean and be a “good” person.  Monday would be different!

My aha moment came about a month into seeing Jillian.  I started thinking about what new trick I would try to make it all easy this time and how things would be better on Monday, when I remembered I wasn’t doing this anymore. I was going to live in the moment, eat what I wanted to eat, not what everyone else thought I should eat or what I thought I should be treating myself with. Each time I ate I would ask myself, did I want this? If I didn’t I didn’t have to eat it. If I did I could dig right in, no guilt, no thinking about changing things on Monday.  I didn’t need to fill my brain with this anymore. I could fill it with better and more fun things to plan for, I could reward myself with treats I really wanted (pedicures, new t-shirt, sleeping in, warm baths, a good book, etc) not with food." - Kendra D