Love your body again -

by learning how to care for her, not crush her.


The Juicy Body Blueprint is the first program of its kind that teaches you not only how to connect with and accept your body as it ages but also how to specifically feed, move, and care for her! 


Are you ready to stop the mental slap fight with that pint of Haagen Dazs in your freezer and start feeling like your juiciest, most radiant (way less mood swingy!self?


And you can do it without cutting out sugar, running marathons, or needing to quit your job and trade-in your family. Stick with me and I'll show you how...
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There are three huge mistakes I commonly see when women work toward feeling better in their bodies:


Focusing 100% on their weight and grabbing for yet another 'healthy eating' plan - despite the fact that they've been trying the same approach for 2+ decades and nothing has changed.


Believing the only way to get their health ‘under control’ is to restrict caloric intake, cut carbs, target belly fat, and over exercise.


Feeling like giving up on weight loss and harmful diet culture means ALSO giving up on health and ever feeling good in their body, again.

Sound familiar?


Are you obsessing over your weight?

Feeling like you can't LIVE until you're in a different pant size?

Forever cutting out & counting food and forcing yourself to do exercise you hate?

I feel tired just thinking about it!

Like a fibrous, raggedy clementine that's been sucked dry before it's even peeled.

Do you feel excited about living life as a raggedy ole clementine?

I sure as sh*t hope not.

How would your life be different if you stopped living in a permanent state of restriction & body loathing...


and started filling your days with gorgeous foods that energize you, gentle movement you enjoy, beauty, pleasure, and FUN! (remember that?)

Let's Do This

imagine you could...

  •  Get off the diet roller coaster - Stop the cold war with the jar of Nutella in your cupboard. Call a truce! You two can learn to live together… and you can learn to live peacefully with all foods - eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full, and enjoying the foods you love - minus the exhausting, all-consuming battle.    


  • Feel stable in your body - no more swinging up and down (in weight and mood) as you play the on a diet/off a diet Squid game.


  •  Easily make food and exercise decisions that are GOOD for you - no more angst, self doubt, obsession, and rebellion. Learn how to say YES to things that feel good and NO to the things that don’t. 


  •  Live a rule and restriction free life - Why would you voluntarily put yourself in food/body jail? You walked into that cell (even if you didn’t know what you were doing or mean to) and you can walk right out of it, with the right help.


  •  Enjoy the beauty and pleasure in life - because guess what? It’s hard to enjoy food, clothes, holidays, sex, dinner parties, moments with your kids, and paying the bills online when you hate your body. That meat suit you hate so much is carrying you through the world, allowing you to experience joy, anger, fall mornings, warm summer evenings, coffee, the ocean, ICE CREAM, and laughter through tears - my favourite emotion! (*ten bonus points if you caught the Steel Magnolias reference:)


  •  Work with your changing body - Life changes. Seasons change. Your body changes. You can’t keep using the same old tactics week after week, year after year. Boring! And ineffective! What you need is a plan that’s flexible, that you can revisit regularly, and alter to work for you.


  •  Feel monumentally supported - I know what it feels like to sit in front of a computer, alone, at 11pm on a Tuesday night with no fewer than 4 drink options in front of me and very little motivation. My programs are always high-touch and the 1:1s and small group work will ensure you stay motivated, guided and finish the GD thing!


  •  Enjoy the ride! This work is deep, life-changing stuff but no one wants the process to be a drag. This is an adventure. An epic exploration! A journey to a better - not limited by jeans size or sugar addiction - life. Might as well have some fun along the way. 


The Juicy Body Blueprint

A 12 week EMBODIMENT program filled with key lessons, mentorship, guidance, and TONS of support


Designed to help you LIVE these concepts - not just learn about them.

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Unlike other courses on the market- this program is an innovative combination of self-study, group support, community, and super high-touch 1:1 connection so you get the results you're looking for.


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And how does the Juicy Body Blueprint differ from other feel good, "live your best life" programs on the market?


I'm a naturopathic doctor with 16 years experience and, for over a decade, I've been a leading voice in the anti-diet, weight-inclusive world... which means I help super-smart, very stuck women understand why they keep googling "keto pizza crust" at 2am despite the fact that restriction has never worked for them…. and I can help YOU.

I'm combining the best-of-the-best intuitive eating coaching tactics with an expert approach to managing health conditions and magical, pleasure-based practices for optimizing how you feel in your body and I'm squishing it into this powerful, engaging, and easy to consume, 12 week program.

You're bigger than the life you're currently leading and the Juicy Body Blueprint will help you uncover your unique path to the fulfilled, energized, and adventurous life you're seeking.


10 years ago, my life was chaotic and I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and awful in my body.

On top of two small children, I was running a business, we had a major renovation in the works, and I was fighting my body every minute of the day - cutting carbs, taking every supplement known to man, getting up at 5:30 am to do P90X workouts I hated, and making all my baked goods with coconut flour.

No matter what I did, my body refused to behave.

I couldn’t lose weight, I was worried about my health, and I felt I could never do enough. 

As someone with a long history of orthorexia (obsession with healthy eating and exercise ) I knew I needed to change my focus - I hired a body image coach and I learned about: intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, and the most problematic issues with the health and wellness industry. I changed my outlook on food, bodies, weight, and health FOR GOOD and I’d never felt better! 

I traded in my general naturopathic practice so that I could focus my work on helping other women (and children!) do the same. It was a GLORIOUS 8 years. Not perfect. Not always easy. But sooooo much better than all that diet culture BS I’d been buying into. 

And then BAM!

2 years ago I turned 40 and - CURVEBALL - my body started to change. GAHHH!

Many of the issues I thought I’d put to bed forever were triggered and I found myself forced to explore my beliefs about my body and it’s changing needs all over again.

Luckily, with a foundation of intuitive eating and a relatively healthy body image, I was primed to manage these changes with ease…. And I thought, here we go! I need a NEW Food Freedom/Body Love program - designed specifically for women at this point their life. Women who are ready to shrug off dated, problematic views on female bodies and health BUT still deeply wanting to FEEL GOOD and age as well as possible, in the skin they’re in.

And VOILA! The Juicy Body Blueprint was born!

Hi! I’m Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND and I'll be your guide on this wild and wacky ride!

Count Me In!

The best time to heal up your approach to food, weight, and health is...10 years ago.


Wishful thinking!

Luckily, the next best time is NOW.


2020 was tough. 2021 wasn't much easier.

The two years have taught me so much: patience, surrender, righteous anger, creative problem solving, and gratitude. It also reinforced my commitment to Intuitive Eating because NOT being on a diet and NOT hating my body makes even the hardest situations SO MUCH EASIER.


Don’t let another year go by without making peace with your appetite, learning to enjoy your body, and discovering your unique roadmap to a life of aliveness, vibrancy and vitality. 


The lessons you learn in this program will be with you FOREVER. You’ll take the information, the tools, and the conversation and deepen into the work for many, many years to come. 


If you’ve made it this far - you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in peace, freedom, joy, and juiciness!

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You have questions, I have answers...

(Otherwise known as THE FAQs)


  1.  When does the course start? Enrolment is OPEN! Every month there are new and exciting bonuses. Book a discovery call to see if the program is a good fit for you! I only want perfect fits in this group - so there's no pressure either way - let's chat!
  2.  This sounds great but I don't have the money. I’ll do it when I have more money… Okay, so not really a question but definitely a common thought. Here's the thing - this program is CHOCK full of value - high touch 1:1s, very small groups, loads of content, and lots of personal attention. Just for fun - I'd love for you to tally up the price of all the diet and health books, gym memberships you didn't use, clothes that didn't fit, diet specific groceries and supplements, etc you've purchased over the past 20+ years... Can you afford NOT to do this?
  3.  Do you have payment plans? YES! You can pay in full (for extra bonuses) OR you can choose to pay in two instalments. Easy peasy.
  4.  How long will I have access to the program material? You have access to the program content, the community, and group calls for 3 months. The tools and strategies you learn inside are yours for life! We also have a very affordable continuity plan for those who'd like to remain in the program for an extra 9 months, to round out a full year of accountability, learning, motivation, and support. 
  5.  What if I start and then realize it's not for me? Not to worry! We have a money back guarantee. If, within the first 7 days of the program, you realize it’s not for you - just let us know! We’ll have you fill out our exit survey and refund your money (minus a 10% admin fee). 
  6.  I’m ready but how do I explain this investment to my partner? Step one: explain the way you’ve been feeling to your partner. Often the ones we love most have no idea the mental anguish we experience every day when it comes to our body, weight, eating, and health. When they understand the emotional energy leaking from you EVERY. DAMN. DAY. they tend to get on board really quickly. Also - when we feel better in and about our bodies… we tend to be less anxious and stressed, more affectionate, and more connected to our sensual, loving side… so, Step two: explain what a HUGE bonus this will be for them! After all, they're the ones telling you “you’re beautiful!!!” for years only to get eye rolls in return:)
  7.  I’m really busy. Will I have time for this? You can put in as little as 1 hour a week and get results. If you have more time, there are plenty of resources, group call times and information to keep you busy, but 1 hour is all I need. 
  8.  I tried other programs and bought other health and wellness books and they haven’t worked - how do I know this will work for me? The reality is - you’ve likely tried the SAME thing over and over and over again - diet culture and healthism wrapped up in slightly different packing. THIS program is completely different. A mind-blowing, perspective-altering, life changing shift in how you think about your body, food, movement, and health.
  9.  I have a few more questions - Can I chat with you before enrolling? Absolutely! Book a free 15 minute call HERE. 


I'm Ready! Let's Go!

Love your body again - by learning how to care for her, not crush her.


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