week 5: the Beauty Myth and sizeism

This week we are getting into some philosophical SHIZ. Not boring though!!! Not at all.....dig in!

The video speaks for itself here:) A very short recap:

"In short, a cultural obsession with weight became firmly establish in the United States (and as a result, Canada!) when several disparate factors that favoured a desire for thinness - economic, status symbols, morality, medicine, modernity, changing women's roles, and consumerism - all collided at once." - Laura Fraser, Losing It: America's Obsession with Weight and the Industry that feeds on it.


1. Write out "the fantasy": the "how life and YOU will be different" if you could just get that perfect body. Try to write for 15-30 minutes without stopping in order to pull out some deep, subconscious beliefs!

2. Readings from Naomi Wolf and Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena) BELOW. I will also post a podcast on Friday to help deepen your understanding of the Beauty Myth and the Thin Ideal - where is came from and how it affects ALL women negatively!!!

3. My Podcast Body Image Masterclass called 7 Days 7 Stories. Access the first podcast HERE.

4. Keep building on our other tools: hunger/full, make peace with food, challenging bad body thoughts and the food police, identifying and challenging objections....etc.


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