week 6: the antidote

Careful with this week’s content. The tendency will be to think of it as “fluff”, unimportant in comparison to the data and research and eating psychology we’ve been looking at to date. Don’t do that! Allow yourself to value these aspects of self care - the TOOLS to help you get back into your body and focused on how you FEEL instead of how you look. You will need and return to these tools over and over and over again. And remember! They may not all fit - allow yourself to experiment, pick and choose, adapt until you have honed the tools that are right for you.

*Note: in the original airing of this work the video lecture was cut off. I had to film a part 2 to complete this Core Curriculum Lesson, which is why there are 2 videos this week:)


Focusing on the Antidote to Diet Culture
Add Play, Pleasure, Appreciation, Desire to the rhythms and routines of your every day. Explore what you love. What brings you joy.

Find time in the day for silliness and fun
Bring play into your movement, relationships, work
Find the fun

Add ALL the beautiful textures, smells, tastes, touch to your life, in any way you can:
fresh flowers
essential oils
Nice body lotion
dressing beautifully
doing your hair
beautiful recipe books
enjoyable food prep
trust and kindness and compassion and self-care
Sitting and eating with awareness, breathing while you eat, making food pleasurable, appealing all of your senses
finding pleasure in movement

food - gratitude, give thanks for what you have, appreciate the food you have access to
Women - connect with other women, suspend judgement, extend compassion, lift other women up!
Yourself - appreciate the beauty of your human body and all it can do.

knowing the things that really light you up and allowing yourself to desire all thethings you truly want, in a juicy, cozy, way - where you know that it is all coming to you. All you have to do is enjoy the wait:) It can be big or small but focus on your desires...
You could make a Desire board, or journal (exercise below), OR dig into TheDesire Map (attached, remember it's BIGGGGG. Don't get overwhelmed. You can always save it for the holidays:)

Part of MY cork board!!!

Part of MY cork board!!!


  1. Re-write your “perfect body” fantasy as an empowered, mature, confident capable women (that you are!)

  2. Listen to Mama Gena Podcast from last week, if you haven't already:)

  3. Infuse your daily rhythms and rituals with more beauty, more pleasure, more appreciation. Can you make 85% of your meals pleasurable?! How else can you get pleasure into your every day life??

  4. The 4 Antidotes in action:
    A. The Holy Trinity Journal Exercise

    A journal exercise that pulls it all together, do it daily:
    (in Regena Thomashauer's book Pussy if you want to read more)
    Write out, 5 min, every day
    -Brag: something you are proud of, anything, big or small
    -Gratitude: a small quick list of everything you are grateful for in that moment
    -Desire: write out your most pressing, amazing, desire. This can change daily or stay the same for awhile.

    Bonus points!!! Writing to Your Intuition (my fav! I love this tool!!):


    B. Cork Board!! If journaling isn't your thing, get yourself a BIG ole cork board at Staples. Start to fill it with pics, quotes, mantras, memorabilia, dried flowers, WHATEVER represents your mature fantasy - who you want to be and how you want life to be.


    C. Keep notes in your phone. Keep track of your material and more deep spiritual desires and appreciation. Look over the lists often, add to them, enjoy them. Don't be in a rush to GET just enjoy the desiring!!!!

  5. Option: Order the book Pussy By Regena Thomashauer. It is amazing and dives deep into this message

  6. Article by Sarah Von Bargen on the TIME it takes to infuse more pleasure into your morning routine. Click HERE.

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