week 7: gentle nutrition

Based on a chapter in Intuitive Eating, this is the part where we start to hash out your NEW nutritional and health story. A story that will be as unique as you are - true to your personal values and ideals. You may NOT be ready for this…If you don't feel ready (if you feel triggered at all by the thought of addressing nutrition) you can leave this lesson for a few weeks. No need to rush in!!! Come back when you are ready:)


Re-defining Health for Yourself
Two things to consider when defining GENTLE NUTRITION for yourself:

1. Your inner attunement: what you know to be true about your body. What foods feel good, what foods feel less great? What are the things the make your energy go up/down? What foods bring you the greatest pleasure?
2. Your external values around food: what are your NEW beliefs around food (and movement). What do you now know to be true for you. What values feel good, motivating, peaceful. What do you refuse to do? What are your non-negotiables when it comes to food and your body.

The intersection of your inner attunement and external values = GentleNutrition - as defined by you. I'd LOVE it if you could summarize it into a simple statement, like a mantra....and then hash out the details.



1. Let go of the old story: 2 writing exercises -For the purpose of this Self-Study program I have actually put these in week 8. You can find them there with more instruction! No need to complete them as part of this week’s work.

2. What is Authentic Health for YOU??? Draw the Venn Diagram of Inner Attunement and External Health Values and get brainstorming! Try to Sum up your Gentle Nutrition Guidelines in 1-2 sentences: like a mantra.
**Note: Only do this IF YOU ARE READY!!!! You can always come back to Gentle Nutrition after the program if making guidelines is triggering for you!

3. Catch up on the past few weeks!

Q&A Week 7: