week 8: recap, new tools & a new story

So, our core curriculum lessons are over BUT the work is far from done!!!

You have three big writing assignments to do, see below. This is no small job. I want you to work through these assignments as you continue to work and experiment with the ideas and tools discussed throughout the program.

The final writing assignments

NOTE: The third piece of the assignment is the most important. Skip to that if the rest feels too much!
 Here is a link to an example of the writing assignments completed by another woman. You can use it as inspiration if you get stuck:

If you get your writing assignments done by April 8th:send me a copy, along with 4-5 photos of yourself that you LOVE.I will turn your work into a beautiful PDF Guide you can take away with you!!!

On Going Support

On-Going Support:
1. The Food Freedom/Body Love Collective launches on April 16th!!! The Collective is a monthly membership program where I give you the tools, strategies, support, and community you need to CONTINUE to live life beautifully and healthfully in the body you are IN!
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2. BOOKS!!!!!!

Health at Every Size, Linda Bacon

Body Respect, Linda Bacon

The Pleasure Diet, Jena LaFlamme

FatSo?! Marylin Wann

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, Hirschman and Munter (only read the first part!)

Pussy, Regena Thomashauer
Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life, Kelsey Miller

Shrill by Lindy West

3. My PODCAST!!! The 7 Days 7 Stories Masterclass is turning into an ongoing podcast. You can subscribe HERE. Please listen and, if you enjoy, leave a review!!!!!

And remember, I will put on my email list for women who have completed one of my programs and let you know when there are opportunities to join my online course for free. I'd love to have you work through the material again, if you should need it. 

You've been such a lovely, fun, open, group.I've truly loved every moment of our time together.

Thank you so much.