Hey! I'm Jillian Murphy and I help women make peace with food and start loving their bodies TODAY.

88% of North American women dislike the way they look. Sound familiar?

  • Do you struggle with food and caring for yourself in a consistent way?

  • Do you work harder and harder to "get things under control" only to find everything falls apart over and over and over again?

  • Do you wonder why you can't stop self-sabotaging, why you can't find peace?

Well guess what?

I created The Food Freedom/Body Love Method to teach women WHY they stay stuck in the cycle of poor body image and unhealthy relationship with food & exercise, and how to GET OUT of that cycle. And I can help you.

My work is body positive and from a Health At Every Size perspective...meaning, you are WELCOME here. No matter your size, shape, or dance ability:)