welcome & getting started!

Here's a quick rundown of how things in The Collective will work:

A Monthly (Moonly!) Membership.

Every month, beginning on the Monday just after the new moon (mid month) we'll begin a new theme.

  • I will kick things off with a video: I'll discuss our new theme & set some intentions for the month. You’ll receive information, inspiration, and wisdom around our theme that leads you to a deeper understanding of who you are and what authentic health & beauty are for YOU - enabling you to be that person in your daily life.
  • As the month progresses I will continue to fill our current monthly space with supporting materials. This will vary but may include: additional video, audio, readings, journaling exercises, health prompts, or experiential homework.
  • You'll also receive a meditation/visualization and mantra or quote for the month. This will be short and sweet but will help create some quiet space in your day and keep you focused on the intention for the month!
  • Once a month (around the full moon!) you can submit questions/comments and show up for a LIVE Q&A. My hope is that you will feel like you have ongoing support and access to quality (non-diet culture) information around beauty, weight, eating, and health.

Current Month

This page is focused on our current monthly theme and materials. Click here for newest content.



Here you can access past months materials. Note: this space is new so content is limited....but growing!