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From the creator of the Juicy Body Blueprint, Redefining Health for Professionals & Practitioners, and Food Freedom / Body Love 1:1 Program, Join the newest program led by Dr Jillian Murphy: 


100% Healthy-ish 



 Ready to turn your understanding of health - and what it takes to get there - upside down? 100% Healthy-ish will be the ONLY way to work with me, so get on the list TODAY!

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Turn your understanding of health - and what it takes to get there - UPSIDE DOWN!

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The Juicy Body Blueprint

Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the magic in your everyday life when you’re not preoccupied with counting carbs and hating your thighs.

Love your body again — by learning how to care for her not crush her.

Intuitive eating meets self care meets body image 12-week embodiment program!

It’s magic.


Redefining Health for Professionals & Practitioners


If you are a health and/or wellness professional (ND, MD, Clinical Psychologist, NP, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Holistic Nutritionist, Coach...etc) and you have questions regarding this work for your own patients/clients - I am 100% dedicated to supporting you in your efforts to bring a Health at Every Size perspective into your own practice. Our educations tend to be very diet-culture focused and even those with experience working from this perspective will occasionally bump up against a wall with patients. I'm here to help!!


My Signature Food Freedom/Body Love

1:1 Program

A 6 month program designed to help you develop a peaceful relationship with food and your body. This program is perfect for those locked into the never-ending cycle of dieting and restriction, followed by binge eating and emotional eating. Together, we’ll work through your negative food behaviours, exhausting food thoughts and fears, and body criticisms until you’re a more peaceful, easeful, joyful, YOU.