You’re obsessing over your body… and you hate that.

(‘Cause you know that diet culture noise is toxic, but you are t-i-r-e-d of feeling out-of-control and ick.)


It’s time to try something different.

Get obsessed with creating a
lifestyle that’s healthy (ish)… instead.



Healthy and fun are not mutually exclusive


But we’ve had this ridiculous idea shoved down our throats for YEARS that you have to sacrifice one for the other. (And boy, have you sacrificed.)

There’s a lot more B.S. where that comes from.


It’s either french fries or salad.

You’re pro-diet or anti. 

Fixating or avoiding.

On track or off.

And these internalized, all-or-nothing messages have made life a far cry from the dream version you picture for yourself.

(Cue the montage of yummy TikTok recipe videos, matching workout sets, midday bubble baths and never-ever-ever obsessing over the french fries again.)


If the journey to self-love feels like a series of shitty, no-win choices, is it really self-love?

Because if it were, then all those impossible-to-follow, cookie-cutter health programs, detox challenges, and meal plans would have worked by now.

You’d feel “vibrant” and “energized” like they promised, instead of guilty and dejected.

Maybe the problem isn’t your stick-with-it-ness or your body.


Maybe it’s time to rewrite the “healthy” narrative from what feels like a rigid prix fixe menu to one that’s more like an all-you-can-savor buffet.

Quit hitting the pause button on your life. 

There IS a happy medium.


You want a definition of “healthy” that includes life’s pleasures… which may or may not include wine, popcorn, and White Lotus.

You want a routine you can actually stick to… and room for a spontaneous getaway to London.

You want to love your body like a “good” feminist should… AND work on feeling sexy as hell in a bodycon dress.

Get Healthy… ish

Healthy-ish a magical formula I invented for feeling good in your body and having fun. It’s a dreamy space of flexible, pleasurable, and completely customizable energy-boosting practices perfectly fit for you. (And trust me: you've NEVER seen another health program in this space like it.)

Healthy-ish helps you:

Call a truce with food

No matter what health gurus will have you believe, food is not the enemy. You can enjoy it without a bunch of restrictive rules that never work out long-term. (And who wants to live in a world without croissants anyway?)

Feel at peace with your body while addressing your health once and for all


There’s a waaay healthier balance that involves learning to tune out external messages and focusing on the things that make you feel vibrant AF – starting now. From balancing hormones, blood sugar, and that newfound mid-life anxiety, you’re gonna find a lot more joy and a lot less just-shoot-me.

Prioritize your overall well-being – not just a number on the scale


Because you know this is about so much more than weight, and ALL about taking care of your whole self – head, heart, butt, and soul – for lifelong results.


The Healthy-ish Life 1:1 Deep Dive


A bespoke coaching experience to create your personal magic formula for health. One that’s juicy, focused on all the things YOU love, and helps you create the most dope version of yourself… instead of burning you out (or boring you to tears).


I’ll help you break down the constant disconnect between healthy and happy so you can finally put toxic internalized beliefs and behaviors behind you, actually enjoy taking care of yourself, and start living a big, bold, and beautiful life.

We’ll look at food and movement, yes, but so much more – like your core self, mindset, and environment – so you can feel good IN and ABOUT your body.

The Healthy-ish Life is my first-ever 5-month, 1:1 program that goes in-depth on EVERY aspect of your life, with some outside help from supportive, life-enhancing experts. 

Plus, you’re going to get a completely tailored-to-you Healthy-ish Blueprint that’ll lay out your entire masterplan, both during our work together and long after we part ways and you ride off into the sunset (in sexy-ass chaps).

Because guess what? The old-fashioned approach to health that only looks at food and exercise is the reason we're all in this sitch right now… and that's why I decided to invent a completely new one.


This looks like giving yourself the permission to do whatever works best for you and YOUR version of health, with intention… and fucking unabashedly going for it every single day.

We’re getting real deep with health, food, and body stuff. 

But more importantly, you’re gonna get intimately familiar with your deepest desires – and start building your life and approach to health around them.


(I’m willing to bet your deepest desires have nothing to do with BMI or choking down a dry-ass Ryvita cracker.)

Here’s what’s included in our 5 months together:


setting the tone for the next several months (and beyond!)

  • A 90-minute intensive, 1:1 kickoff session exploring all your barriers, blocks, and desires around health. This isn’t a simple convo around “to keto or not to keto” – I want to look at all the aspects of your life that you probably never considered were related to your health, go deep, and talk it all out so we can create the perfect plan for you
  • A custom-tailored-to-you, 10-page Healthy-ish Blueprint that outlines your complete health plan and next steps for each area of your life, from your mind to joyful movement to your environment and beyond. Don’t be scared – we’re not about punishing homework here. Your Healthy-ish Blueprint will be fun, flexible, motivating as hell, AND the perfect go-to framework for you to use now and again and again in the future


aka how we’ll spend the bulk of our time together

  • Monthly 60-minute 1:1 sessions for the next 4 months during which you’ll receive my loving, judgment-free, no-BS coaching to help you execute your plan and keep you on track 
  • A 60-minute Human Design session to help you understand how your body and mind are designed to work together, why you "are the way you are," and how to use this knowledge to set yourself up for success
  • High-level coaching sessions from 1-2 other expert collaborators for the areas where you can use more support. These partners will be hand-picked by me (and approved by you!) to address areas in your Healthy-ish Blueprint where you could use more support (think: style, speaking, visibility, naturopathic medical hot takes and more). Reminder: it ain't just about a meal plan. (More collaborator info below!)
  • M-F Voxer app access to me for questions and challenges that come up so you always feel supported (this is a fab voice memo app that lets us communicate back and forth, which is especially helpful when you feel those old, negative patterns and voices cropping up!)
  • 5 hours of Personal Assistance support ‘cause I'm not foolin around… and want to get you into action fast. So you're getting your own personal assistant who can help set you up with ongoing food deliveries, meal services, cleaning help, movement subscriptions, etc. (yup, we’re taking care of all that pesky admin for you!)


so you can continue executing your plan long after our work is over

  • A 90-minute implementation session at the end of our 5 months together to reflect on your progress (because celebrating wins is a BIG part of what we do around here) and determine your path forward

  • An updated Blueprint that reflects the progress you’ve already made and helps guide the way well beyond our work together

You can love yourself and work on yourself at the same time


I’m Dr. Jillian Murphy (you can call me Jill), and my approach is more of a “yes, and” one.

That’s because I spent years being unable to sink into the experience of life while in a constant battle with food. Now? I’m making up for lost time and savoring every experience I can get.

And I’m lovingly calling YOU in to do the same with your very own Healthy-ish Blueprint we’ll create and execute together – one that’s tailored to your busy, bougie life and body.

As a naturopathic doctor for more than 16 years, I’ve been challenging unhelpful, widely accepted, and annoyingly repeated by your sister-in-law at every family dinner health ideals since the beginning of my career. 

(And giving side-eye to the so-called “experts” peddling harmful diet and exercise programs.)


Because it’s one thing to know that these programmed beliefs are toxic, but it’s a whole other thing to accept and love who YOU are to the point that you allow yourself to find and set health goals that feel healthy on an emotional and spiritual level. 

After all, health is a spectrum, not a destination. And I believe taking care of yourself should be a beautiful part of your life.

With Healthy-ish, I’m creating a new definition of health that’s pleasure-driven, flexible, and joyful.

I’m good at identifying the real reasons you’re getting stuck (nope, it’s not a willpower problem!) and helping you expand your world instead of shrink your life.

So how ‘bout it?


Here’s what we’ll cover

over the course of 5 juicy months together:


Love on your body


This is where you’ll learn to balance effort and progress with shedding a whole lotta unrealistic expectations.

We’re gonna work WITH your body (and any health challenges you might be facing) to determine some gentle guidelines for how to best eat and move for real life.

We’ll also identify other ways you can support yourself – whether through supplements, targeted movement, and even medical care. (Dr. Jill in the house!)

In short: You’ll be feeling good as hell in your skin.


Befriend yourself


Once you understand who you are and what you want without all the external noise, everything else becomes much clearer… and way more exciting.

So we’re going ALL-in on exploring your heart, habits, and desires to design a Healthy-ish Blueprint for your life that’s motivating as hell. 

Using your history, values, and nature (including Human Design and astrology!) as our guide, we’ll craft a plan that’s completely aligned with how you want to feel, how your energy works, and where you want to go.


Build more beauty into your life


What needs to change in your closet, fridge, relationships, and LIFE to support your plan? Great – we’re going to set about changing that.

Where in your life – whether it’s food, travel, family, or work – do you come ALIVE? Cool – we’re gonna build your life and routine around that.

Then we’ll focus on bringing beauty back into your world, starting right now, in the body you have today. Because yes, Healthy-ish is a journey… but today is the point.


Support yourself & work smarter (and sexier!) 


Your energy changes day to day, season to season, and year to year. So why would you stick to the same old routines that aren’t working for you?

Let’s get in tune with your natural rhythm and cadence and maximize your impact where you need it most. We’ll focus on creating flexible plans for each area of your life that are structured enough that you can actually follow them, and flexible enough that you can change it any time. (After all, you need room for a little creativity and spontaneity every now and then.) 

We'll also tap into the natural, unending, well of energy that is sensuality – you know that feeling you get you pull on a great pair of faux-leather leggings and heels? The electricity of a bold lip or fab earrings? We'll transform those sparks into full-on fuel.

Life-changing results for how much?



Limited spots available. No commitment required to apply. If you decide to join, payment plans are available at no additional cost.


I was sick and tired of being either ‘on track’ or ‘off track.’

I was frustrated with how much I thought about food and felt that craving things meant I had an addiction to food. I didn’t want a number on the scale to control my day, mood, and feelings about myself – or to pass these stories on to my kids.

From day one it just clicked that Jill was someone who understood the deeper side of it all – 

– that it was not at all about dieting but rather truly learning about why we have these stereotypes and stories and all the MANY aspects of wellness that contribute to our overall feelings about ourselves. It was different.

Since then I stopped weighing myself (the scale is gone and has been for years now), and I have NEVER slipped back into a deprivation diet. I eat what I want and try to really enjoy what I eat.”

– Kim Dreifelds

Meet some of the Healthy-ish Life expert collaborators


During our time together, you won’t just get 1:1 access to me – you’ll also receive high-level support from 1-2 of my expert consultants (all of whom are leaders in their field) to help you execute your Healthy-ish Blueprint. I’ll help you pick the experts who will best help you at this stage in your Healthy-ish journey.

The Intuitive Styling Package with personal stylist Dacy Gillespie

Okay, but how amazing would it be to wear clothes you feel like a style icon in?

It’s time you discovered YOUR personal style – so you can let go of the external messages you’ve been given about what you “should” wear. By building a functional wardrobe, you’ll make a mindset shift from wearing what’s “flattering” to unapologetically taking up space in the world.

During four 1:1 sessions with Dacy, you’ll define your style, conduct a closet edit, receive a shopping tutorial, and integrate your newfound style into your life. Between sessions, you’ll receive detailed notes and email support.

By the end of this process, you'll feel more confident about your body and style, finally get rid of those old jeans you’ve been hanging onto, and know exactly how to shop for YOU.

Confident Boundaries with speaking, visibility & confidence coach Megan Hamilton

One of the biggest challenges even the most badass women I know deal with is holding boundaries.

By working with Megan, you’ll learn to not only set and maintain boundaries, you’ll also sharpen your speaking skills, dig in to your fears around self-advocacy, and learn how to manage your nervous system so you can courageously navigate your lines in the sand.

Over the course of three 1:1 sessions, you'll learn Megan's signature 4-part speaking system, dive into supportive shadow work, and develop strategies for how to set and keep your boundaries.

You’ll also get access to extra resources including a series of pre-recorded breathing and mindfulness exercises you can use again and again. 

You By Design with Human Design expert and naturopathic doctor Lisa Lavoie

Stop working against your personal nature and get tuned all the way into your strengths.

Or, as Lia puts it, leave the desperation of the Fix It/Fuck It Cycle and move back into your body’s intelligence through Human Design. Lisa’s passion is working with women who’ve had a difficult relationship with their bodies — whether via chronic illness or food/body image struggles. You know how you always hear “be more you”? Lisa will show you what that actually means.

During your two 1:1 sessions, you’ll learn to start navigating your unique path through your HD type. You’ll explore your unique energy, body intelligence, and any areas where you frequently get stuck. By the end, you’ll be more familiar with how you can use Human Design as a tool to overcome any patterns holding you back and harness your unique energy and gifts to achieve your goals.

From Force to Flow with naturopathic doctor Salna Smith

Symptoms like joint pain, migraines, sleep issues, cycle changes, digestive upset, and mood imbalances can mess with every aspect of your life.

But what you may not know is those physical symptoms are often the result of stuffed emotions. Salna will help you find the feelings and scream them (or cry them or punch them) out!

Salna’s work strategically teaches you how to let go of the emotional baggage that contributes to dis-ease, freeing your body to heal and function in the most optimal way.

Over the course of four 1:1 sessions, you’ll release deeply-stored emotion and learn how to continue to process emotion through the body in an on-going way – because life isn’t getting any easier, or less scream-worthy, ammirite?

Embodiment & Breathwork with licensed health and nutrition counselor Meaghan Cahill

It’s one thing to WANT to love and accept your body and another to live it. For those who need more support managing the discomfort they feel in and about their body – or difficulty connecting to it – Meaghan’s work is for you!

Over the course of three 1:1 sessions, Meaghan will teach you how to identify triggers, practice breathwork techniques, and develop other meditative tools to become more connected to your body so you can stop spiraling, develop a more compassionate relationship toward your body, and trust yourself to make intuitive choices for your well-being.

Midlife & Hormonal Strategy with dietician, naturopathic doctor, and intuitive eating coach Dr. Jenn Salib

Menopause and midlife are hard enough. Food shouldn't be.

You’ll learn to navigate the physical and emotional changes that happen in perimenopause and menopause, including your search for food freedom and body confidence.

When you work with Jenn, you’ll also receive her symptom inventory guide and 50-page recipe nutrition guide.

“I was tired of feeling out of control over my food and body issues. I think I thought it was a willpower thing and a self-created problem that I needed to get under control myself.

Jill made me feel normal about struggling with this part of my life. I had never sought professional help for food/health concerns, and I didn't even know if she would be able to help me. However, after our first chat, I truly felt a little lighter mentally and that I finally found someone that might be able to help me.

I was impressed with how insightful Jill was in regard to picking up on my eating habits and behaviors. She was able to tell me what was really going on and how to help me through these triggers.

My biggest takeaway is the CLARITY I have now in regard to what is really going on with myself in moments where I used to feel overwhelmed and out of control. 

I feel kinder to myself, and am continuing to work toward owning who I am physically (aka not playing into the ladder).”

– Darla Conolly

Take a deeper look inside The Healthy-ish Blueprint

No two blueprints are even close to the same. This is a completely-tailored-to-you roadmap for your Healthy-ish journey. 

But here’s a peek at what you can expect to find!

Video Poster Image

Oh yeah, you’ve got options

Whether you want the whole four-course meal or just an appetizer, there’s a juicy plan for you.

The Full 1:1 Implementation & Reboot

  • 90-minute deep dive
  • Your very own custom Healthy-ish Blueprint
  • 1:1 coaching for 5 months to execute the plan together
  • 60-minute Human Design session
  • Access to 1-2 other expert collaborators
  • 5 hours of my PAs assistance setting up any ongoing food deliveries, meal services, cleaning help, movement subscriptions, etc.
  • Voxer access to me for questions and challenges that come up between sessions


Limited spots available


Just the Blueprint, ma’am


  • 90-minute deep dive
  • Your very own custom Healthy-ish Blueprint, including a lengthy audio accompaniment that takes you through your blueprint, in detail
  • Access to my Juicy Body masterclass, including 12 key steps to a juicy body that you can implement on your own
  • 30-minute follow-up with me to talk through any juicy ideas or questions that crop up
  • No 1:1 coaching 





Still on the fence? It might be helpful to know what The Healthy-ish Life 1:1 Deep Dive is NOT…


  • This is not a magic bullet weight loss program. There are no crappy ideologies to subscribe to, no blood rituals to participate in. Your Healthy-ish program is designed to set you up for long-term success – not overnight “miracles.”

  • It’s not about restriction, rigid rules, or an exact step-by-step plan. We’re going to figure out the perfect plan for you… together. I’ll provide you with every tool you need. Ultimately, it’s up to you to do the work.

  • It’s not even just about food and exercise. It should be clear by now that this is about way more than that. Our culture has deeply conditioned us to believe that health comes down to these two things when in fact it’s much more complex. The good news is that means we can be flexible, learn to work with our values and patterns, and find something much more sustainable. Balance and moderation look different for every person and body. We’ll figure that out together.

  • And it’s NOT just another exhausting thing on your to-do list. The Healthy-ish Deep Dive was created to enhance your life, not steal from it. Everyone is burned out from the past several years. I’m here to help you find your joy, your energy, and your peace.

“I was feeling very stuck. I had some health stuff going on, plus some old food and exercise programming I couldn't quite shift. 

I had read and thought about the intellectual part of the work, but couldn't get it to percolate through my system. I thought of it like a little gatekeeper question that was probably holding back a whole cave's worth of diet programming. (It was!)

Being a naturopath, Jill had actual medical/science/groundedness and seemed interested in the individual as opposed to finding blanket solutions that work for everyone. Her attention to detail and the crafting of the work is more of an artisan's approach than a how can I scale this to reach everyone approach. Plus she has a great balance of medical, documented, structured, theoretical and witchy wild alive female energy that is inspirational.

She could see where I was and where I wanted to be very quickly, so we got right into the getting there part. I've loved the programs and how she curates and structures the material to bring the best of all sides of you straight into the middle. It's also been huge to have had the chance to zoom out and look at food as one part of my being, and then to be able to talk about and work on various intersections in that big web of family life.

Since working with Jill, there have been monumental shifts in most areas of my life… 

including an awareness of my body, myself, a renewed confidence, deeper calm, better boundaries, better self-care, more joy, and less judgment – to name a few.”

– Anne S.

Drop the old binary and apply for the Healthy-ish 1:1 Deep Dive today

It takes just 15 minutes to submit your application.

Right away, you’ll begin to feel excited knowing you’re cleaning out those pesky areas of your life that you’ve been stuffing down or letting fester.

In three weeks, you’ll have your very own Healthy-ish Blueprint – and a roadmap for putting all the pieces of your health plan into place.

In three months, you’ll notice big and little changes in all areas of your life – from the thoughts in your brain, to how you feel in your body, to how you move through the world.

And when we’re done, you’ll have the skills to evolve and shift your plan whenever you need – without being rigid or restrictive.