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An out-of-the-box approach to health for busy, bougie women who're ready to feel vibrant without giving up a single ounce of the adventure (or croissants) life has to offer.


Easily make food and exercise decisions that are GOOD for you. No more angst, self doubt, obsession, and rebellion. Learn how to say YES to things that feel good and NO to the things that don’t. 


Optimize your health with individualized food, movement, and supplement recommendations based on laboratory testing AND a deep understanding of what motivates you to take care of yourself vs. what makes you want to run right back into the arms of that bag o'Twizzlers. I've perfected the art of combining metrics and motivation in order to simplify your health routines while making them 685% more effective.

Work with your changing body.  Life changes. Seasons change. Your body changes. You can’t keep using the same old tactics week after week, year after year.


Boring! And ineffective! Unlike any other plan that currently exists, we're going to connect the dots between body, space, sensuality, and mind in order to craft a health plan that allows you to feel your absolute best while navigating the ups and downs of aging (read: chin hairs and hormone surges) AND enjoying all of life's indulgences. It's the cashmere and chocolate sauce of health plans;)

Bring beauty and pleasure back into your life. It’s impossible to enjoy food, clothes, holidays, sex, dinner parties, and moments with your kids when you hate your body.


Let's repair the way you see your body.

And then I'm going to show you how to approach beauty and pleasure in a whole new way - from the clothes you wear to the art on your walls and the mug you put your coffee in - it's time to create a life that feels beautiful TO YOU. 

Feel monumentally supported. I know what it feels like to sit in front of a computer, alone, at 11pm on a Tuesday night googling keto recipes I'm never gonna make.


My programs are high-touch. There's no group work or getting lost on Zoom calls. You get me AND a team of hand-picked experts who'll wrap you up in a cocoon of loving, no-BS guidance to ensure you get the crème-de-la-crème of health advice, stay motivated, and finally figure this health thing out once and for all!




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