The Food Freedom/Body Love Method will tap into your body’s inner wisdom, regulate your appetite, reduce negative eating patterns (like binge eating and emotional eating), improve your body image, health, sex-life, work life, and more.


Here's What We Need To Do:

1. Thoroughly assess your current relationship with food and weight (or growth patterns for children!): this involves several objective evaluations, a look at diet/weight history (a review of growth curves for children), and a plan of action for moving forward that typically includes the following steps….

2. Re-educate you re: health, weight, human biology and physiology. Don't's not nearly as boring as it sounds! It's important to understand how our bodies work, digest, metabolize, gain and lose weight. We operate under so many false assumptions...we need to start over in this area and get clear on what is really happening in that body of yours.

3. Take an in-depth look at eating psychology and diet culture. You need to understand the very NORMAL, UNDERSTANDABLE reasons you behave in negative and self-destructive ways around food. And then! We're going to equip you with the tools you need to to do things differently.

4. Develop a new way to define authentic health FOR YOU, based on gentle nutrition, eating competence/intuitive eating, and intuitive movement. 

5. On-going support, inspiration, and education so you can STAY in a body-positive state of mind.